Lightweight, low cost and with a very modern and original design, it has been designed to spread the use of this essential window cleaning tool, even outside of professional use.

The design of the recycled polypropylene ECO plastic window cleaner has been carefully and perfected. By simply turning the central tab of the handle, the locking plate is opened and closed: this allows a quick coupling of the guide with rubber. In turn, the rubber is easily removable.

Designed on a computer (CAD), the aluminum and plastic window cleaner shows the 'high-tech' principles that have inspired its construction. Its lightness makes it easy and pleasant to use.

Attachable to all telescopic handles for cleaning at height, it is ideal for windows, mirrors, shower screens, car windshields, tiled walls, etc.


SIZE         CODE
25 cm. VILIP25E
35 cm. VILIP35E
45 cm. VILIP45E
PACK 10 Units