The unihandle window cleaner is the all-in-one tool.
It allows you to quickly wash and dry windows and surfaces without changing tools by combining a microfiber tool with abrasive guide strips and rubber in one, together with a unique rotating handle system.
Together with the blade holder, it also becomes an effective scraper.

The swivel system works in 2D with a smooth rotary movement (+/- 150° or +/- 180°), while also allowing the user to choose 7 different angles to reach even the most difficult places.
Compatible with most guides, the unihandle also fits most telescopic handles with easy attachment/detachment and safety.

Key features and advantages:

  • Unique design for washing and cleaning without changing tools.
  • Innovative adjustable swivel system for any cleaning angle
  • Rubber lip has high quality Pulex rubber for perfect cleanliness
  • Free rotation (up to +/- 180°) or limited rotation (up to +/- 150°)
  • Rotation lock 5 different positions (0°, +/-45°; +/-90°)
  • Extra wide adaptable angle (-20°; -5°; 10°; 25°; 40°; 55°; 70°)
  • Ergonomic handle for maximum comfort
  • Compatible with all channels and poles
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy by Pulex with high quality materials.
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SIZE         CODE
25 cm. VILIH25I
35 cm. VILIH35I
45 cm. VILIH45I
PACK 1 Unit